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With the power of AdSmart from Sky

Businesses can now take advantage of the impact and reach of TV advertising. AdSmart can show different ads to different households watching the same programme this means businesses, like yours, can now target a specific audience whilst they are watching some of the nation’s favourite TV channels.

Households can be selected based on a number of criteria such as Mosaic Lifestyle or Home Ownership this data is derived from an ever growing Sky customer database and also consumer profilers like Experian.

Existing advertisers now have the ability to use the power of TV to greater effect, whilst becoming accessible for first time and niche brands. SME’s and location-specific brands can also utilise the new service AdSmart from Sky provides.

Is AdSmart from Sky right for your business?

If any of the following sound familiar to you then AdSmart from Sky
could be the service you have been looking for?

You want to use the
most effective form of advertising to grow
your business.

You want to restrict your advertising to a specific region, city or postcode.

You want your brand to be seen in a premium talked about environment.

You only want to pay
when your TV commercial is seen by viewers.

Picking your custom audience

AdSmart from Sky allows you to choose from literally hundreds of attributes allowing you to become very granular when targeting the right households. For example, if you were an Insurance company that wanted to target over 50’s that lived in a certain Metropolitan area who had a 4 bedroom house and 2 vehicles that would be possible. Also if your internal market research came up with the conclusion that the age group you wanted to advertise to lived in a certain postcode and owned their own home and were an expectant family these criteria would be targetable.
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AdSmart is effective at boosting ad recall because targeted audiences are more likely to remember TV ads.