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Getting To Know More About...Iain Strachan

We have recently started a video podcast series and our first guest was Iain Strachan who is one of the leading ‘transformational’ business coaches in Yorkshire.

Iain always delivers with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and dynamism that is so infectious and really refreshing.

In the interview we asked many questions here are some of the snapshots.

What do you see as the role of a business coach?

A really good question to start out with a business coach is all sorts of different things depending on what approach is needed in that moment in time. I have given a lot of thought to this we often use the analogy of a sports person. You think of a highly successful sports team they generally would not be successful without a coach. In fact it's impossible to name a successful sportsperson that doesn't have a coach behind them and in that regard, it seems fairly obvious what a coach is.

You know what business coaching really is, it is growing people, it's growing people so people can build their own business. I find it quite a misnomer, business coaching, it isn't business coaching it's people coaching so I actually consider myself a person coach who works in business.

Explain a little more about being a ‘transformational’ business coach?

The transformation takes place in the business owner, and sometimes that can be the shortest conversation or can take up to a year it all depends. The transformation is actually in changing the person and this has a direct impact on the business.

“So many business owners need to give themselves permission to reach the edge of their comfort zone and that's where the magic happens, not in the comfort zone, not outside the comfort zone, but just on the edge of the comfort zone. There's a little sweet spot where business grows and business owners grow.

How important do you see video for you and your clients and how they can use it within their businesses to communicate a little bit better?

I don't think we can underestimate the power of video we're in a completely new age it's not just that we moved to Zoom and became familiar with communicating over of a video platform there's so many more skills about communicating over video. Some of those skills include, where we stand in proportion to the screen, where we actually stand on the screen. These are things that we don't naturally understand and haven't been taught.

I think, in the last 18 months our reach has become so much greater. All of a sudden we're not localised we can be as national or international as we want. Video then gives us that power to be instantly on demand wherever in the world we want our audiences. That's massively powerful. Similarly because now people's timescales get so compressed time is so limited that when I'm available to have a conversation doesn't necessarily coincide with when the client is available to have a conversation. So having material on demand in the background is so, so powerful. So increasingly in that regard, video is going to be important, but even more so in terms of getting our message out there. Actually taking time to put together really approachable, professional videos which aesthetically are pleasing and have quality and depth to them is just going to be so essential.

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