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TV Advertising

Advertising on TV is more accessible than ever before thanks to the many digital channels now available and improved package options from broadcasting companies.
Lucas.Media produces dozens of TV adverts each year for clients which feature on the likes of Sky TV and hyperlocal news channels such as Made In Leeds and can guide you through the technical world of television advertising.
TV is still the most effective medium of advertising and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Advertising made easy with Sky AdSmart

Through working with Sky AdSmart we produce memorable TV adverts which are broadcast to a target demographic at key times. By providing a huge range of demographic options you can make sure your television advert will only target relevant households.

This is a far more efficient use of your budget than a less targeted, scatter gun approach.
Plus, with Sky AdSmart you can measure the impact of your advertising and tailor your options based on response data.

Northern Racing College Sky TV Commercial

Lucas.Media were delighted to be asked to shoot the Northern Racing College Sky TV Commercial. This will be shown on the revolutionary Sky AdSmart platform you can read more about AdSmart here

Online Beds Direct TV Commercial

Great example of a more affordable TV Commercial for price enquiries contact us
“We cannot praise Lucas.Media enough for the production of our Sky TV Commercial.
As you can imagine it is not easy filming when horses are involved but Lucas.Media were extremely professional and great to work with.
The quality of our TV Commercial is of an extremely high standard and we could not be more pleased.

We would highly recommend Lucas.Media if you are looking to invest in any filming and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

Sarah Beattie, Marketing Coordinator, The Northern Racing College

Getting the green light from Clearcast

All scripts for TV advertising must meet the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising and Clearcast is the body responsible for clearing the scripts. The rules surrounding what is and isn’t permitted can be complex, but here at Lucas.Media we have an established and positive relationship with Clearcast, and will submit and manage the script approval process for you as part of your entire project.

If you are not familiar with the script clearing process and want us to take care of it for you we can do that.
Our knowledge and experience will ensure a speedy process so you can concentrate on the production of your TV Commercial.

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