Video Production for Creative Digital Marketing

At Lucas Media our creative marketing services are built around video content which delivers the results you need. We use our expertise and knowledge to help businesses improve their brand awareness, showcase their products and improve customer conversion rates by employing the latest digital marketing practices.

We work to stay ahead of the continually evolving world of video marketing and advise our clients on the latest trends, techniques and technology and how they can be successfully used as part of our clients' marketing strategy.

Leeds has a flourishing digital scene and Lucas Media is proud to be part of such a strong community. We are committed to driving the future of creative digital agencies in the North championing the diverse skills and knowledge that exists throughout the region and contributing to the growth of the digital sector in the Leeds City region.

Our team has over 10 years’ broadcast TV experience, specialising in TV advertising and successful small business video marketing. We’ve combined this with our ever-expanding knowledge of the creative industries to stay on top of trends, tools and techniques which will propel your digital marketing to new heights.

We’re good listeners and this is always our starting point when we work with any new client. We want to know why and what you’d like to achieve and then work alongside you to make it happen.
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